TEDx Truro

TEDx Truro is an independently organised TED event, run by volunteers from the city and around Cornwall.

TED conferences have been running annually in the US since 1990 with goal of giving a platform to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. They have since gained global recognition through YouTube, with many presentations from influential speakers gaining millions of views each.

TEDx events are for local speakers to present to their local audiences live on topics relevant to them, but which are usually also highly relevant globally. Many of these presentations are shared online via YouTube, allowing people around the world to benefit from their insights.

TEDx Truro has been running since 2016, with the overarching theme that year being Time & Tide – with some of the presentations naturally touching on ocean conservation.

We were lucky enough to attend the 2017 conference, titled Beyond Barriers, and loved each of the 15 amazing, informative, thought-provoking and inspiring talks.

Here’s just one of them – from Joanna Grace and Chloe Salfield:

The 2018 event, titled Wonder, will no doubt be just as exciting, and is planned for October.

Learn more about TEDx Truro and view some of their past presentations on the website.